Why Hill & Co. for San Francisco Real Estate

Since 1956 Hill & Co. has been the premier brokerage for San Francisco real estate. Few have the same focused attention on this very complicated market. Nobody knows it, and the City's vast maze of ordinances, as well.

Hill & Co. has all of the attributes and appeal of a boutique brokerage. Yet at the same time, the company takes advantage of cutting edge technologies, networking and global marketing opportunities. In terms of capabilities, Hill & Co. is very much the equal of today's largest brokerages, but happily it is far more nimble.

Superior Agents, Technology and Marketing

Our company attracts many of San Francisco's very best real estate agents. We believe when compared to other real estate brokerages in San Francisco you'll find a higher percentage of our realtors have earned their broker licenses, which simply means we foster an environment of professional conduct, achievement and continuing education.

Our technology is second to none. Yet, we are careful not to eliminate a hands-on human component. Today, many real estate brokerages rely exclusively on technology systems to create their marketing materials. Their product reflects that. Layouts can appear awkward and property photos distorted. Our approach is a blended strategy, giving us the economies and turn-around speeds made possible by technology, but the look only achievable with a human hand.

Online Strategies, Personal Outreach

We create property websites for each home we list. We make YouTube videos for many of our properties. We post our listings on hundreds of websites locally, across the nation and abroad. Still, it all comes down to your agent. This is the person with whom you are entrusting an enormous responsibility.

Choose Hill & Co. Real Estate, and to put it simply, you'll be selecting from among the best realtors in San Francisco.